A buyer’s agent is the best ally you will have in your home-buying process. Buyer’s agents do not collect a commission from the buyer, meaning there is no financial outlay for a buyer to work with an agent, aside from a small transaction fee at closing. A buyer’s agent will streamline the process, providing services including:

Identifying properties
You may know what you need in a home, but finding that perfect home can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Frankly, we believe your time is valuable, and it is our pleasure to do the legwork for you. Let us curate a list of homes perfect for your needs.

Gaining access to homes not yet on the market
A key component of our job is keeping our ear to the ground. In some cases, we know of homes that haven’t gone into the market yet, but may be just perfect for you.

Providing market analysis of desired neighborhoods
Market Analysis, also known as a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), is a thorough evaluation of a property, its surroundings and its history. A comparative market analysis is performed by comparing relevant properties that were recently sold to the subject property. Since no two properties are exactly alike, there are some adjustments made in the analysis. We possess hyper-local knowledge of Historical and Classic OKC neighborhoods, enabling us to offer in-depth, accurate analysis, ensuring the best possible price for our clients.

Winning in a multiple-offer situation
Competition for prime homes in many Oklahoma City neighborhoods is steep. There is no small amount of strategy involved in coming out on top in a multiple offer situation. In fact, we thrive on the competition and on the singular goal of placing each client in the home most perfect for them.

Lender relationships
A recent client saved $400 per month on her mortgage payment by switching to a lender the Jennifer Kragh Group has a great relationship with. While we can’t guarantee results like that every time, we guarantee impeccable service with our trusted local lenders.

We’ve got a guy (or Gal) for everything
Our attention to detail and love of doing our homework makes your life easier. We have relationships with inspectors, insurance agents and contractors of every description. We will go through your chosen property with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring that your inspection and insurance needs will be met without a hitch.

“Jennifer was the best agent with a friendly personality. She is at your service any time. She met us on a Saturday morning to show us several homes. She offered professional advice and made cutting-edge suggestions that helped us during the negotiation phase. Jennifer is very knowledgeable with  the current markets of local real estate. Jennifer informed us in detail of the different phases involved with purchasing a home. She facilitated and managed all phases in a timely manner including the inspections phase while we were out of the country. During the signing phase Jennifer drove two hours to facilitate the legalities of the closing phase. She is a very honest person and a self-motivated real estate agent. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone. She makes buying a home so easy!” C.R. - Buyer